• Application form
  • Certificate of migratory movement (requirement applicable only within the country)
  • Regular immigration status (requirement applicable only within the country)
  • Original and copy of valid passport
  • Certificate of criminal record of the country of origin or of the places where you have resided for the last 5 years –apostilled or legalized
  • Not be considered a threat to the Ecuadorian State
  • Legitimate subsistence means
  • Official documents issued by the institution that pays or grants retirement, pension or income, duly legalized or with its apostille.


    In accordance with the Sole Article of Executive Decree No. 310 of January 31, 2018, “The health insurance requirement for the time of stay for foreign persons entering Ecuador, will be required after a ninety (90) day period counted from the date of entry into force of this Executive Decree”. The Executive Decree came into effect on January 31, 2018.
    All documentation in a language other than Spanish should be duly translated into Spanish and, in turn, must have the respective signature of the translator's signature before a public notary
    All official documents from abroad must be duly legalized or have the apostille
    The requirements that do not appear in this section will be verified internally by the personnel of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    $50 USD application fee and $400 USD visa grant.