What is 4x4?
It is a resolution of the Government of Ecuador which allows Ecuadorian citizens who reside abroad to ship packages to Ecuador, with no commercial purposes, of up to 4 kilograms and $400 value, free of taxes.

Who can use this benefit?
All the Ecuadorian citizens who live abroad and whose consular registration has been validated. This benefit is only for natural persons, in other words, from one person to another.

Using the 4x4 service, do I have to pay any taxes in the United States or just the shipping costs?
There are no taxes to be paid in the United States. The only payment you have to make is for the shipping costs at a shipping agency or regular mailing service.

When can I start shipping my packages through the 4x4 service?
The 4x4 service will take effect on October 9th, 2014. Only the Ecuadorian citizens who live abroad and who have validated their consular registration will be able to use this benefit.

How much Money can I send through the 4x4 service?
The 4x4 service does not include sending money. You can send money the same way you have been doing it before.

How do I get my consular registration?
You only need to register at the virtual consulate: www.consuladovirtual.gob.ec/ you can also do this in person at the closest Ecuadorian Consulate. 

¿What is the information I have to provide to obtain my touristic record in the virtual consulate?
It is very simple. You just need to provide your personal data, contact information and address. In the next 48 hours after your register, you can get in touch with the consulate nearest to you to validate your information.

How long does it take to register on the Virtual Consulate?
The process is very simple and you can register your information in approximately 10 minutes. You will receive an email with a temporary password and you must change the password given by the system. Then you will be ready to get your validation.

Once I am registered, am I automatically validated for the 4x4 benefit?
No. once you are registered and in active status (for which you must have changed the password issued by the virtual consulate system) you need to provide a proof of residence, this may be a water, electricity or phone bill, so an official from the consulate can validate your information.

If I have any problems with the registration or any questions, where can I turn to?
There are several communication channels. You could send an e-mail to consejeria@cancilleria.gob.ec

You could go "Contact us" at the Virtual Consulate of Ecuador.

Does the consular registration have any cost?
No. It is free of charge.

Where can I get more information about the Virtual Consulate services?
Visit the Virtual Consulate frequent questions and answers section at www.consuladovirtual.gob.ec/web/guest/preguntas-frecuentes

Is there a limit to use the 4x4 service?
Yes. The 4x4 has a limit of 12 shipments or 2.400 dollars each year. Whatever happens first.

Can I make all my 4x4 shipments to the same person in a year?
You can only ship up to 5 packages or 1.200 dollars to the same person.

With the 4x4 service I will not have to pay the 42 dollar fee for each shipment?
If you are an Ecuadorian citizen living abroad and you have your consular registration, your packages will not pay any taxes when entering Ecuador as long as they comply the rule: up to 4 kilograms and a 400 dollar value.

Are there any products that are not included in the 4x4 service?
Yes. There are other categories for shipping packages that contain other products such as: books, medicines, computers, clothes and shoes with a weight above 4 kilograms, which are subjected to foreign trade taxes, according to the following table:

Can I use the 4x4 service if I shop online?
Yes. Just make sure that you have your consular registration so the Ecuadorian Customs Service will have you in their database when processing your shipment. If you shop online, try to shop your products from the same supplier so they will be grouped in one package, which will maximize your 4x4 benefits.

Are there any other exceptions in the 4x4 service?
You can ship laptops that weigh up to 4 kilograms and have a $400 dollar value. They will not pay the import taxes but only the 12% IVA tax.

How do I prove the cost of the products I am shipping? Do I have to send the receipt?
Yes. It is necessary to send the receipt.

If I send a used product, How do I prove its cost?
It is based on the values established by SENAE.

In case the package exceeds the weight or value, who is charged the fee and how is the payment made?
The package recipient must make the payment to the Courier, which will in turn pay the corresponding fee to SENAE.

Who makes sure the value will not exceed $2400?
SENAE is the regulatory agency which controls the reception of packages under the 4x4 service.

Is there a list of goods which cannot be sent in this exoneration system?
Cell phones, animals, jewelry, weapons, pottery, glass, combustible, explosives, pornography, drugs, used spare parts, money, checks, credit or debit cards, perishable products and used clothes with a weight above 4 kilograms.

Which products are free of taxes within the 4x4 system?
Medicines and books.

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