What is a Virtual Consulate?
Is a tool included in the webpage of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Human Mobility that allows the user to apply, request and manage the different services that the Consular Offices offer.

What can I do through the webpage of the Virtual Consulate?
People can perform virtual procedures that do not require the presence of the applicant or semi-virtual procedures that will be requested through an Application Form that is filled through the webpage but require the presence of the applicant to sign the final document.

How should I submit the requirements?
The requirements, according to the requested service must be duly uploaded to the system according to the requested format. Each requirement must be duly detailed and must be submitted as an attached file that will be checked by a Consular Officer.
When the application is semi-virtual, the requested documents that were already uploaded to the webpage will be required the day of the appointment to be signed
When the application is fully-virtual, and if the consular officer will require the original documents, these must be sent by post, from the user to the consulate

When the procedure is fully virtual how can I receive the document I requested?
The document will be delivered by post to the address indicated by the applicant at the moment of submitting the procedure.

Why is not possible to submit all the applications fully virtually?
There are services fully virtual and semi-virtual. In the semi-virtual procedures is mandatory the presence of the user because according to the Ecuadorian legislation there are some documents that must be signed by the applicant.

What is Filiation Data?
It is the document that holds the information related to the register of the facts and acts according to the Marital Status of the people. It is obtained from the Civil Registration Files and, in the case of the Virtual Consulate it is an internal process of verification in the system.

I have a Birth Certificate granted many years ago. Is that document valid to perform a virtual process?
Yes, as long as it is legibly, it does not present any signs of alteration and had been issued by a competent authority.

What are the costs for a semi-virtual or fully virtual process?
It entirely depends on what type of service is requested, the amount to be paid can be verified in the category "Requirements" from the page of each service in the "Consular Services" option.

The virtual application of a procedure does have an additional cost?
No, the cost is the same for products and services requested directly in the Consular Offices as well as fully virtual and partially virtual processes. However, in the case of fully virtual procedures, the costs of postal service will be borne by the requesting user.

Where can I address my complaints and suggestions in the case I am not properly assisted?
You may address to the nearest Consulate to your residence or contact us through the Virtual Consulate, Contact Us: Web Call Web ó 1-800 call.

Can I use the virtual platform anywhere, everywhere?
Yes, as long as you have internet access. You can perform your procedures through It is mandatory the use of Google Chrome otherwise the services and tools may not work properly.

Can somebody use my personal information to perform actions in the Virtual Consulate?
No. The applications must be directly used by the applicant because at some point of the application process, there are questions about his/her personal information that only the applicant could answer. After that, a password will be sent to your personal e-mail to log-in to your profile. Remember, the care of your password is your entire responsibility.

What is the difference between the full copy of the Birth Certificate and the Computer Printed version of the Birth Certificate?
The Computer Version is a document that is issued from the Civil Registry System and provides the basic information of a person such as names and family names, ID number, Date and place of birth, names of the parents and issuing date.
The full copy of the Birth Certificate on the other hand, is a certified copy of the original Birth Registration that remains written in the Files of the Civil Register

How long does it take to process a virtual application?
This will entirely depend of the type of service that is applied for. All notifications will be sent to the e-mail that was registered by the user in the Virtual Consulate System. Please note that the time also will depend on; if the information given and the uploaded files are submitted correctly by the applicants.

How can I reach a Consular Officer in case of any inquiry related to the operation of the Virtual Consulate?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has an Information Service number 1800Cancilleria and is available 24/7. For Spain and USA please dial 1800 736264.

If I want to submit my documents directly to the Consulate without log-in to the Virtual Consulate System can I attend any Ecuadorian Consulate in the world?
Yes, it is also possible, but please remember that the Virtual Consulate offers you the possibility of start your processes everywhere at any time. Besides, you can follow closely the process directly through the webpage and receive the documents requested directly in your home.

If I am a foreign citizen can I use the Virtual Consulate system?
Of course, people from any nationality and located anywhere in the world can access to the consular services that are offered by the Virtual Consulate of Ecuador.

What is the difference between the Identity ID and Citizenship ID?
According to the Civil Register Law of Ecuador the Identity ID is for foreign people and the Citizenship ID is for Ecuadorian citizens of any age.

Can I attach documents in a language different from Spanish?
Yes, is possible to attach foreign documents as long as they come with the corresponding official translation in Spanish and legalization or Apostille.

What type of service (semi-virtual or fully virtual) has the services I require?
The following chart shows all the products and services with the corresponding type of service that is provided whether they are fully virtual, which do not require your presence at all, or partially virtual, which your presence is required at any point of the application after filling the Application Form. For additional information please enter to the following link:  Consular Services Chart..

Ecuadorian Consulates Abroad and the respective judicature:
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Virtual Consulate Glossary :
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